Things to Do in Zaragoza, Spain. The City That Combines History and Modernity

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Have you heard of Zaragoza? It’s a city in northeast Spain that uniquely combines history and modernity. The old part of the city is full of history, with its grand Medieval and Roman architecture. The newer parts are vibrant and bustling with plenty of bars, restaurants, and cultural activities.

This city is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a peaceful weekend away or those wanting to explore its culture and landmarks. There are countless places to visit, from the Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza to the Basílica del Pilar.

If you want something more active, Zaragoza is also home to La Aljafería—a former Moorish palace—and lively markets where you can find traditional crafts and textiles. There is something for everyone!

This blog discusses the city’s unique blend of old and new, including what to do during your trip there!

An Overview of Zaragoza

Located in the Northern part of Spain, Zaragoza is a beautiful city home to a remarkable mix of history and modernity. This city has something for everyone, from the remnants of its ancient Roman past to the vibrant cultural and nightlife scenes.

Boasting over 2,000 years of history, you can find remnants from the Roman Empire, such as the La Seo Cathedral and Aljafería Palace. These pieces of history will take your breath away as you explore all Zaragoza offers!

But it’s not all about its ancient past. You’ll also find many modern attractions, like the iconic Goya Museum, where you can explore Spanish art from the 19th and 20th centuries. Or stroll along Ramos Marin Boulevard to soak in mesmerizing views and unique street art installations.

Zaragoza is worth checking out if you are looking for an affordable and fun vacation spot that offers something for everyone!

Exploring the Old Town of Zaragoza

If you’re a fan of history and culture, then you’ll love the Old Town of Zaragoza. The city has plenty to offer in the Ebro River basin in northeastern Spain. At the heart of its charm lies its centuries-old architecture and medieval streets, giving you a unique insight into Zaragoza’s past.

Discover the iconic landmark of Plaza del Pilar, with its domed Basilica standing proudly. You can also stroll through one of the oldest neighbourhoods in town—Caballerizas Reales—and marvel at its impressive Roman walls. End your visit on a high by exploring El Tubo, the picturesque alleyways of medieval Zaragoza; here, you can sample some traditional tapas or pick up a bargain at one of its numerous markets.

Experience all this and more when you visit Zaragoza—the city that combines history and modernity!

Monuments in Zaragoza

Monuments In Zaragoza

Touring the Monuments in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is one of the country’s oldest cities, a canvas of monuments and landmarks spanning centuries of history and civilizations. From romantic palaces to towering towers, these grand structures are a must-see for any visitor coming to the city.

Muralla Romana de Zaragoza (Roman Walls Of Zaragoza)

The Muralla Romana de Zaragoza ancient Roman walls still stand in Zaragoza, giving visitors a glimpse into the city’s past. The walls have been restored over the centuries but still provide an impressive landscape to explore and discover.

Monumento a César Augusto (Monument to Caesar Augustus)

The “Monumento a César Augusto” or Monument to Caesar Augustus stands as a powerful symbol of historical significance in the heart of the city. This extraordinary monument pays tribute to the influential Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus, who left an indelible mark on ancient history. With its impressive architectural design, the monument features a commanding statue of Caesar Augustus at its peak, representing his visionary leadership and benevolent rule.

Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza (La Seo Cathedral )

Catedral del Salvador de Zaragoza has been standing for centuries, dating back to the 12th century. It is an iconic monument in Zaragoza and provides a stunning backdrop to the bustling city streets. The architecture is breathtaking, with its impressive vaulting and elaborate designs.

Plaza de España

The Plaza de España is a popular tourist attraction in Zaragoza and for a good reason. This square is surrounded by some of the city’s most impressive buildings, including La Lonja Palace, Teatro Principal Theater and Ayuntamiento City Hall. Visitors can take in the beauty of these landmarks from here or enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many cafes dotting the plaza.

Nightlife in Zaragoza 

Nightlife In Zaragoza

Shopping, Dining, and Nightlife in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is known for its incredible shopping, eating, and nightlife, the perfect combination of history and modernity. Shopping enthusiasts can explore one-of-a-kind stores hidden in the winding streets of Zaragoza’s city centre. At the same time, food connoisseurs can savor the city’s traditional cuisine and various international options. In addition to its restaurants and cafes, Zaragoza offers many bars and clubs to explore the city’s vibrant nightlife.

When shopping, you’ll never run out of options in Zaragoza. There’s something for everyone, from luxury brands to local vendors selling handmade accessories and apparel. The city is full of historic markets, where you can find unique souvenirs or get lost amidst an incredible variety of stalls differentiating produce, clothing and cosmetics. The renowned El Corte Inglés department store also offers an extensive selection of products and services.

When it comes to dining, Zaragoza has a wide range of options that will satisfy any palate. Traditional tapas bars ooze character and charm, while local restaurants feature some of the best dishes in Spain – such as roasted red peppers with codfish, a slow-cooked stew made with vegetables, beans and chorizo. For those who crave international flavours, there are plenty of Asian or Indian eateries offering delicious food from all around the world.

Finally, Zaragoza also has plenty to offer when it comes to nightlife – from lively terrace bars with all kinds of drinks to nightclubs where you can dance until


Whether you’re looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, exploring its rich cultural heritage, or its modern attractions, Zaragoza offers it all. From the beautiful architecture and lively restaurants to the historic sites and ancient monuments, the city never fails to excite and amaze. With its array of attractions and activities, Zaragoza truly is a city with something for everyone. So, why not take a trip to Zaragoza and experience it yourself?

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