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Are you planning a trip to Spain in 2023? If so, you’re in for a treat. The country has some of the best restaurants in the world. From classic tapas to Michelin-starred fine dining, there’s something for every budget and taste. Each restaurant offers an unforgettable experience, from traditional Spanish favorites to new and exciting dishes. 

You won’t want to miss out on this culinary adventure; read one of our picks of the best restaurants in Spain for 2023!

Spain’s GastronomY Scene

If you’re planning a trip to Spain in 2023, you’ll be delighted to know that the country is home to some of the best restaurants in the world! Spanish gastronomy offers an incredible variety of flavours and textures, so it’s no wonder why travellers enjoy sampling dishes from all around the country. From traditional tapas to innovative cuisine, you’ll never get bored when dining in Spain. To make your Spanish vacation extra special, here are 10 of the best restaurants you should visit during your stay:

El Nacional – Barcelona

If you’re looking for a culinary experience unlike any other, El Nacional is your best bet in Barcelona. El Nacional is a food hall of four distinct restaurants: La Bodega (an ode to the flavours of Spanish gastronomy), Mercado de El Nacional (a multicultural offering), Club Allard by Miquel Villacrosa (classic Catalan cuisine), and La Smötica (cocteleria and tapas) that offer a unique take on Spanish haute cuisine. Every dish is prepared with the freshest local ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable meal in every sense. 

For an even more unique experience, guests are welcome to head down to the basement wine cellar between meals for an exquisite tasting session. There is no better way to finish your meal than with one of their amazing wines!

La Cabra – Girona

When in Girona, make sure to check out La Cabra for some of the most incredible fusion cuisines in Spain. Located in a 14th-century building, La Cabra offers a captivating atmosphere with its stone walls and modern decor for an unforgettable dining experience. The menu features a wide variety of delicious offerings, from classic Spanish dishes to innovative fusion dishes. Try their signature dishes like the grilled octopus, cooked in a garlic and tomato sauce, or the incredible steak tartar made with beef tenderloin. Not to be missed is their amazing selection of desserts like the raspberry cheesecake or their rich dark chocolate cake. 

La Cabra is an ideal choice when looking for fine dining restaurants in Spain, and it will be an unforgettable experience!

Arzak – San Sebastián

If you’re looking to have an unforgettable experience in Spain, add Arzak to your list of must-visit restaurants in 2023. This San Sebastián establishment is an icon of Spanish gastronomy, having been a family-run restaurant for over 120 years. Arzak is renowned for its inventive approach to culinary traditions, and Chef Juan Mari Arzak has been credited with creating the New Basque Cuisine, a dining style that blends traditional and modern flavours. From traditional dishes such as Baked Omelet with eel and pepper peppers to one of their iconic creations, Tomato Basket filled with fresh seafood, Arzak serves up some of the most delightful dishes you’ll ever taste.

You’ll find plenty on the menu that’ll tantalize all five senses: aromas of garlic, paprika and cumin; colours of vibrant peppers and sparkling seafood; textures that range from creaminess to crunchy; flavours like sweetness enhanced by orange marinade; and live music on certain nights that adds an extra layer of vibrancy inside the restaurant. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner for two or a creative night out with friends, Arzak will not disappoint.

Celler De Can Roca – Girona

Celler de Can Roca. This family-run restaurant has been serving up traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist since 1986, and come 2023, and they’ll be ready to serve you just like they’ve served others for generations. The dishes here are truly creative, with ingredients such as Premium Iberian pork, foie gras and fresh seafood being combined with experimental touches such as herbs from the local garden and dry ice. And if that weren’t enough, they have an impressive wine list featuring some of Spain’s best vintages.

So take a break from exploring Spain’s many wonders in 2023 and treat yourself to what is sure to be a memorable meal at Celler de Can Roca – you won’t regret it!

DiverXO – Madrid

You’ll want to add DiverXO to your list of must-try restaurants in Madrid. Chef David Muñoz has taken innovative cooking and elevated it with new techniques and flavours. The result is a truly unique experience – you may have never tasted anything like it! The menu is constantly changing, but you can be sure of one thing: you won’t be disappointed. DiverXO serves everything from Spanish classics like mackerel tartare and veal cheeks to some more international favourites like black cod on pineapple spring rolls.

Adding to the unique experience is the restaurant’s interior – it looks more like a laboratory than your typical Spanish eatery! 


This three-Michelin-starred restaurant is acclaimed for its innovative Basque cuisine. Chef Martín Berasategui takes traditional recipes, modernizes them and creates dishes that can be described as nothing short of culinary works of art. The presentation and flavours are unique, and the atmosphere is intimate and inviting.

Lasarte offers a range of options to suit every palate, from classic dishes such as gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) to modern creations like marinated duck with sweet potatoes and foie grass sauce. Plus, the restaurant has an extensive wine cellar full of Spanish selections to accompany your meal.


Calima in Marbella is a popular spot for tourists visiting Spain in 2023. Located in the buzzing beach city near the beautiful Sierras de Mijas, this beachfront restaurant offers stunning views of the Mediterranean and an artistic atmosphere to match. The menu at Calima changes regularly according to what’s fresh and in-season, but you can always count on dishes like:

  • Grilled vegetable salad with lemon dressing
  • Roasted suckling pig served with a crunchy almond and pomegranate relish.
  • Seafood paella bursting with flavour from saffron and smoked paprika

Perfect for a romantic dinner or celebratory evening on the town, Calima stands out as one of the finest Spanish restaurants of 2023.

Aponiente – Cádiz

Founded in 2006, this restaurant is run by Ángel León, whose passion and talent have earned him the title of ‘Chef of the Sea’. The combination of traditional Spanish flavours and modern techniques produces an unforgettable dining experience for even the most discerning palates.

The menu offers a range of seafood specialities prepared using unique cooking techniques such as sous-vide, freezing or cooking with herbs and spices from the beach. Dishes include cured tuna tartare, crab salad, and razor clams with smoked potato foam. If you’re after something lighter and fresher, try the tasting menu – a selection of five dishes chosen by the chef that showcases their creativity and skill.

Casa Marcial – Asturias

Head to the northern region of Asturias and make a stop at Casa Marcial, a restaurant that is unmatched in terms of flavour and presentation. Casa Marcial has been serving up award-winning dishes since then. Situated in the town of Arriondas, it’s located at an old farmhouse with stunning views of the surrounding nature. The menu changes seasonally, but each dish is packed with traditional flavours and locally sourced ingredients. The chefs prepare unique interpretations of traditional Asturian dishes like fabada (a stew made with pork shoulder and white beans) and tuna tataki with apple vinaigrette, among other amazing creations.

Experience fine dining in a cosy atmosphere at Casa Marcial; you won’t regret it!


Every gastronomic journey through Spain offers you something unique, and an unforgettable experience is practically guaranteed. With a vast selection of the best restaurants in Spain for 2023, you can discover the hidden gems of the country’s cuisine and enjoy different regional food specialities. From Michelin-star eateries to hidden gems off the beaten path, you can explore and tantalize your taste buds in Spain’s culinary heartlands. Whether you go out in search of the best seafood in the Mediterranean, explore the vibrant street markets in Barcelona, or indulge in the tapas culture of Andalusia, you’ll certainly have a travel experience you’ll never forget.

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